You want to automate your technique ?

Cell Expert is your solution !


iLsa has developed a new solution providing a consistent, reproducible mono-cell smear quality with unparalleled ease of reading at an unbeatable price !



Cell Expert is a high-speed automat with opening and closing of the bottles

But Cell Expert has many other very competitive advantages:

  • Brush in the bottle : 100% of collected cells are sent to the laboratory

  • Possibility of spreading several slides for the same sample

  • A secure process :

    • Zero risk of contamination due to the use of disposable tips.

    • Any operating error is detected and flagged up, slides and specimen bottles are identified with same barcodes, barcodes are read before picking and dispensing, software meets standard 62304 requirements.

  • Identical concentration of cells with the integrated centrifugation of the sample bottles and then dilution.

  • Small size of GYN specimen bottle (diameter under 30 mm) for posting,

  • Non toxic preservative liquid (without methanol and without formol)

  • Ergonomic instrument for quick and easy handling (training of 2 hours maximum)

  • High throughput 100 slides /hour with automatic cap opening

- Full traceability: all data is stored,

- Cell Expert fully automates GYN and Non GYN sampling

- Immuno-cytochemical test possibility: liquid retains a good cell structure for immuno-cytochemical testing.

Cell Expert also offers an option for HPV testing in molecular biology :

- Automatic aliquoting for HPV tubes with a throughput of 190 tubes/hour.


Dimensions : 100 cm wide X 55cm deep ; weight : 75kgs

Consumables Cell Expert :

  • Specimen bottle

  • Brush

  • Slide

  • Centrifuge chamber

  • Disposable tips




                               Tray of 12 bottles, 12 slides                              Option : tray for HPV tubes aliquoting

                                                                                                              12 bottles and 12 HPV tubes

Locking the 12 slides in one go


The Cell Expert is delivered with 4 trays to allow the operator to load and unload the trays in masked time.